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Bigman Geophysical will guide your team on process, help you implement in-house training programs, conduct third-party audits of technician performance, and provide guidance on best fit for equipment based on skill level, industry, anticipated applications, and preferred user experience. We also will evaluate the best options for leveraging GPR based on your customer base and typical client profiles.

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Bigman Geophysical provides the most comprehensive learning platform in the world consisting of multi-method and mixed mode educational experiences. We conduct live in person, live online, and on-demand training programs. Hundreds of companies have sent both new technicians and senior project managers through our training courses. Our student feedback is impeccable and we continue to innovate curriculum for engineering and construction professionals.


Bigman Geophysical provides on-site project supervision and remote technical support for geophysics, utility locate, concrete inspection, and GPR projects. Our experts work hand-in-hand with our customers to develop successful project procedures, process and interpret data, and will even conduct on-site support for data acquisition and client discussions.  We also hold a diverse fleet of rental equipment for short term needs and regularly sell pieces in our well maintained fleet of used equipment for discounted prices.

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